10 Things to See and Do in Los Angeles

If movies are to be believed, the only thing LA has going for it is the Hollywood sign. Wrong! LA is a vibrant city that combines culture, history and the great outdoors. The city truly does offer something for everyone, from young to old, whatever your passion, whether it’s food, sports or something else entirely. Still not convinced LA should be your next trip? From the standard Hollywood fare to some more off-beat attractions, including cultural adventures and getting back to nature, here are just 10 of the things you can see and do in LA. Continue reading “10 Things to See and Do in Los Angeles”

6 Amazing Beaches Around Los Angeles

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that southern California is renowned for sun, sand and surf. After all, who doesn’t like hanging out on the beach? The heart of surfer culture offers up a great number of beaches all along the Golden Coast. With so many different activities to choose from, it can be difficult to pick just one destination! So whether you want to catch some waves, explore underwater reefs or just relax and soak up some rays, these are the best spots in and around LA to dip your toes in the Pacific. Continue reading “6 Amazing Beaches Around Los Angeles”

3 Things to Know Before You Go to Pasadena’s Rose Parade

Pasadena is a middle-sized town that manages to keep a cozy small-city atmosphere. Located just 10 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles and famous for the Rose Bowl football game and the Tournament of Roses Parade where thousands of people line up to see Pasadena’s Rose Parade in person every New Year’s morning. Seeing the parade in person is the best way to experience the pageantry, the sights, the sounds and even the smells of it all. Continue reading “3 Things to Know Before You Go to Pasadena’s Rose Parade”

6 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles

So you’re finally making the road trip (or the flight) to Los Angeles, California to visit the city the entire world has heard of. Los Angeles better known as LA, is renowned for several things predominantly for being a hub of the television, movie and music recording studios. I am going to show you 6 amazing tourist attractions in LA to make your visit more memorable. You’ll definitely enjoy the beautiful weather, the people and the history, and while you’re at it, you’ll probably find some great souvenirs to show off to your friends and maybe you might pick up one for them. Continue reading “6 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles”