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Hello! Here’s a little about me…I’m Sela Gallagher. I am a dancer turned Business consultant turned Lifestyle and travel writer and I live in Los Angeles CA. I have worked in the entertainment industry for over 13 years, before working as a Business Consultant. I was born in North Carolina and moved to Pittsburgh, PA at age 9. I fell in love with Los Angeles as a child and made my lifelong dream come true when I moved to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a beautiful and interesting city and is the center of the nation’s film and television industry. There is so much to do and see here and I will take you on a journey with this blog, bringing the best of Los Angeles’s lifestyle to my readers. I will offer the best of living, food, culture, travel and much more to my readers.

Get travel tips and advice for your next trip to L.A. and stay in touch with what’s happening in the city. See what people in L.A. are wearing and eating. Read about the city tales, night’s out on the town and things and places I love. I will roam through L.A.’s neighborhoods with you and discover what’s unique about each. After all there are so many cities within the city and county of Los Angeles.  You will be able to escape Los Angeles for a long week end with me and recharge your batteries.

Poke around a bit, and stay for a while! I hope that you find this blog informative as well as entertaining and come back to visit often. Find out why I love the city and after taking the journey I believe you will love L.A. as much as I do. Have questions? Email me at 2selap@gmail.com