Why I Started Blogging

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Blogging can serve as a creative channel to voice ideas , thoughts, opinions, beliefs and feelings. On top of that, writing a blog provides a wonderful opportunity to inspire and touch the lives of other people in a positive way.

I started blogging because I wanted to impact people’s lives in a major way by sharing my knowledge with them. I was looking for freedom a corporate job and blogging allows me to showcase my skills while keeping my current job. In addition, I will be able to meet new people, build an audience and engage with them.

I enjoy writing about anything. When I first moved to Los Angeles I kept a journal as a way to document all the exciting things that the city offered.  I shared my personal experiences through email updates with my friends back home. They enjoyed my stories and were telling me that my gift is writing, so years later I decided that I should share with everyone by starting a blog.

Reading is another interest I have, because it provides a welcome respite from my troubles, but writing is my real escape, passion and outlet. When I write, I become so focused and engulfed that my problems fade away for a while, giving me a much needed break while relaxing me. Believe me when I tell you that it can become an addiction. The actual process of putting thoughts, feelings and adventures into writing has brought me so much comfort as well as help me relive some very happy moments.

As I’ve written about my life, it has helped me think about what’s important to me and determine if my life is headed in the right direction.

I’ve known for a while now that I had the spark of writing in me, but due to lack of exposure it has gone unnoticed. Starting a blog will give me a platform for manifesting the true charm of my writing and possibly gain global exposure. In business we learn to think internationally and I’m hoping to gain that notoriety.

Since I cannot write about every event, idea, thought, and feeling, blogging provides a sort of filter and clarifying in my life. My blog has helped me understand what is most meaningful to me. I’ve discovered along the way that sometimes it’s the simplest moments that make me the happiest.

I’m anticipating that my blog will help people get to know about a whole new perspective and I imagine that those perspectives will inspire them to do something meaningful in their life. If I accomplish this goal it will be enough proof for me to know that my written words are worth my efforts and being counted as something!

For me blogging is a fun activity where I can express my opinions over a variety of topics and share my knowledge and talents with a lot of people. I can influence thousands of people with my wit and philosophies as well as entertain them. Some even say that blogging is a cathartic experience for the blogger.

I never imagined blogging to be this much fun and a whole new learning experience until I actually started doing it.

I view writing a blog as a knowledge booster and it serves as a good way to develop a deep knowledge on many topics from the life sphere. No matter what I write about I am guaranteed to gain deep knowledge of that topic. I’m looking forward to taking the journey from a hobby to a business. Hopefully my blog writing will provide new opportunities such as running ads, collaborating with big companies and get writing jobs.


25 Replies to “Why I Started Blogging”

  1. Hi!
    This resonates so much with me…I did a similar thing when I moved to NYC, where I kept a journal and wrote letters to old friends to tell them my crazy stories of the city.
    I think that your reasoning for starting a blog is inspiring! You go, girl!
    From a fellow blogger!

  2. Hi Taylor,
    Thank you so much for your comment and I am glad that you can relate! People back home really want to know about our adventures and we were glad to share with them. I will be posting weekly. Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon.

  3. This is a great post. I started blogging because I love to write as well. I just didn’t realize how much until I started. I really hope you that you achieve great success with it.

  4. I loved reading your post. I am sure that many bloggers will resonate with the reasons that you have shared here! I started almost 5 yrs ago with a similar approach.

  5. I started blogging to share my interests and explore my horizons. I’ve learned a lot through blogging – from a simple online diary, now turning into sa media publishing company 🙂

  6. I am a blogger since 2011 , blogging is sort of my outlet whenever I am in the mood of writing . Then eventually it becomes my street reliever. Who would have think that in the future it can be a source of income as well.

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